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How to Clean an Outdoor Rabbit Hutch?

In fact, rabbit hutches are not at all hard to clean and it is very simple and fun activity that needs daily maintenance to make its environment tidy and fresh. Definitely, you want to clean a hutch on a regular basis. This can be usually done by assuring that the rabbits are living in a… Read More »

Can Leopard Geckos Eat Earthworms?

Geckos are the species of lizards that are comparatively tiny. Geckos generally reside in warm climate conditions. There exist more than 1,000 species of geckos. The species that dwell in our houses are known as house geckos. Some of their species live in water; hence they can be placed in aquariums. The most usual species… Read More »

Winter Speed Show Series Finals March 8-10, 2013

March 8th-10th will be our last speed show in the Winter Speed Show Series for this season. We will be giving away the High Point Saddle and High Point & Resv. High Point Jackets at the conclusion of the show on Sunday! Make sure to get your stalls reserved for the weekend. This show will… Read More »

Full Service Events

While we set a gold standard in equestrian and livestock events, Champions Center Expo touts a diverse and versatile portfolio. Seminars, quarterly meetings, trade shows, craft fairs, festivals, concerts, reunions and weddings are just a few examples of what The Champions Center Expo’s talented and dedicated staff can do for you. Various industry events of… Read More »

Halverson appointed OEAA Executive Director

Press Release: The Board of Directors of The Ohio Equine & Agriculture Association is pleased to welcome David J. Halverson as Executive Director of the Champions Center, a state-of-the-art livestock exposition complex located on the Clark County Fairgrounds campus. Mr. Halverson, recently of Ackley, Iowa, brings fourteen years of experience to the position, having directed All-Phase… Read More »

Exposition & Banquet Facility

“Clark County’s Best Kept Secret” – The Springfield Paper, 4/08/2009 Welcome to Champions Center Expo, one of the nation’s premiere exposition centers. Since 2004, the Champions Center Expo has been serving the Midwest and the nation. Our state-of-the-art facilities and high precedence placed on excellent customer service make us one of the most sought after venues… Read More »